A novel in dialogue. A rude comedy.

A proper and successful businessman Jerome Angust is approached in an airport lounge by a chatty Dutchman Tekstor Tekstel. Tekstor is a typical outcast looking for victims in crowded places. As Jerome’s flight has been postponed it is difficult for him to rid himself of the stranger. But soon enough the story which started as comedy takes a more criminal turn.

This is a story about what could happen when a person suppresses his fantasies for too long. The topic of death becomes part of the dialogue at the airport, and is played in front of the audience with wit and burning heat. Love and death are treated as part of criticism of the society. The cruelty of our times does not reside in low morals but in a conscious attempt to make people forget about the questions of moral.

Why should a consumerist workaholic have morals?!
He only needs forgetfulness and more fierce challenges at work?!

About the author: Belgian writer Amelie Nothomb was born in 1967 in Japan. She has published 14 novels and received the Belgian novel award in 1999. „The Enemy’s Cosmetique“ was published in 2002.

Photographer: Rait Avestik 

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes. No intermission.
13 April 13, 2006 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: Amelie Nothomb (Belgium)
Director: Peeter Raudsepp
Designer: Hardi Volmer
Performers: Tanel Saar ja Margo Teder