Performers: Virko ANNUS, Rednar ANNUS, Erki AULE, Mairi JÕGI, Rauno KAIBIAINEN, Merilin KIRBITS, Natali LOHK, Maarika MESIPUU, Kati ONG, Maarius PÄRN, Tarvo KRALL, Indrek TAMM, Viljar TÖLP

Is the loss of a national currency a good sign? Who else must be cut? What would Päts say and why does Ivan Orav remain silent? Will the euro still be standing in 10 years? Will the recession end when Estonia starts using the euro? When will I find work? Is my wife coming back?

We don’t know the answers. But we can improvise. Estonian Impro Theatre plays scenes about Estonian kroon you have chosen and designed, we will sing songs of giving up and finding hope in our new improvisational performance “Farewell, Estonian Kroon...”

One intermission. Duration: 2 hours.