FLORA AND FAUNA -----------

A dive into the amazing world of nature by the means of dance and video art!

About the show: Flora & Fauna is a multimedia performance with one dancer. It takes children on a journey to the amazing world of nature. In the video projections you may see lush flowers and green flora as well as lady bugs, animals and vivid colors from the North.

The dancer shows the children the way to actually dance with and inside this theatrical greenhouse. The show is immersive and interactive as well as beautiful trip with nature and each other.

The video dance performance zooms in to the details of nature by using motion sensors to create sound and images. Live music combines electronic sounds with singing and acoustic music as well as sounds of nature.

Choreographer Arja Pettersson has made rewarded shows for children over 30 years. Video designer Joona Pettersson has won e.g. national prize of video set design with his work in Winter Circus Dream 2014 by Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth.

Direction: Arja Pettersson
Choreography and dance: Vilma Tihilä
Sound design and music: Viljami Lehtonen
Video design: Joona Pettersson
Light design: Antti Helminen
Costumes: Pauliina Sutinen
Lyrics: Pisko Aunola & Working Group

Actors: Vilma Tihilä and Viljami Lehtonen.

Age group: suitable for viewers from 2+
The performance is in one act, duration 45 minutes.