February 2nd at 6pm in VAT Theatre (National Library Theatre Hall)

Marilyn Jurman is primarily known as an actor but she has also written songs for different collectives over the past six years – Mantra Gora, Lyyn, Forthee. A selection of her work will be performed in this concert. For example, “Veel on aega” (“There’s Still Time”) competes for becoming the Estonian representative song in Eurovision Song contest.
Jurman graduated from Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy as an actor and has participated in musicals “Wizard of OZ”, “Nukitsamees”, “High School Musical” and in VAT Theatre production “Useless People”. Currently she has the part of Sonja Säde in the popular TV series “Kättemaksukontor” (“Office of Revenge”).

Others on stage: Karl Kanter (guitar), Madis Muul (keyboards), Siim Usin (base guitar) and Peep Kallas (percussions).

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