Kuressaare City Theatre's newest production, A.R.Gurney's Love Letters, will travel to VAT Theatre on 10th of February. The performance starts at 6pm.

Love Letters is written by an American playwright A.R.Gurney and the play was a finalist for the 1989's Pulitzer Prize for Drama. In Estonia, Gurney's plays have been previously produced in Ugala and Rakvere Theatre (The Dining Room), and in Endla Theatre (Sylvia).

Love Letters is a story of two people,  Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III.

By using the epistolary form known from novels, they keep reading their letters, notes and postcards all throughout the performance - untangling their hopes and ambitions, dreams and disappointments through the fifty years they spent together, although life has directed both of them to follow their separate paths a long time ago.

The play has been performed by many renown actors. Love Letters reached Off-Broadway already in 1989 where it was performed 64 times. The cast changed each week. That same autumn, the play was also performed on Broadway, and the cast included many stars from the worlds of theatre and cinema, Lynn Redgrave, Timothy Hutton, Cliff Robertson, Elizabeth Montgomery amongst many others.

Kuressaare City Theatre's Love Letters has been directed by Peeter Tammearu. The actors are Piret Rauk and Peeter Tammearu.