aims to bring audience into a good mood without involving alcoholic intoxication.

On stage and next to it: Rednar Annus, Erki Aule, Mairi Jõgi, Merilin Kirbits, Maarika Mesipuu, Maarius Pärn, Kati Ong, Tarvo Krall, Indrek Liit, Rein T. Rebane, Indrek Tamm, Ragnar Toompuu, Mario Saarik, Martin Makarevitš.

For a week we were learning improvisational methods from Jeron Dewulf (Belgium) and as a result you will be able to witness something entirely unpredictable where we can count on nothing apart from our sharp wit. We are afraid it might get funny.

Performances in VAT Theatre: October 1 and 28 at 18.00 in National Library Theatre Hall.

Tickets: 11 €. Discounted tickets 8 € for students and the retired.