Tartu Student Theatre performance “Fortunate Life”

Translator: Aare Pilv
Director: Kalev Kudu
Designer: KIWA
Performers: Kätlin Armei, Tauno Tagel , Kauri Kaljuste and Enor Niinemägi.

Tartu Student Theatre is performing in VAT Theatre a play “Fortunate Life” by the scandalous Belorussian playwright Pavel Prjažko on January 31 at 18.00.

The story is simple and common depicting the life of conteporary youth. A suburb of a large city. Four young people. Two brothers and two girls. The older brother – a PA teacher drinks and sleeps with his students. The younger brother is not looking for the meaning of life but his place in it, and finds it working as a window installer.

Endless parties. A girl gets married because she feels that this is the way it’s supposed to be. A wedding. The husband does not feel loved. The divorce. The party goes on. The youngsters are convinced their lives have been a success.

Prjažko’s work is performed on Estonian stages for the first time. His works represent the so-called anti-drama. The author does not always have positive reception because he often deals with topics some consider inappropriate for the theatre stages.

Tartu Student Theatre’s production “Fortunate Life” has been invited to numerous festivals, including Tjumen (Russia) and Liege (Belgium) in February 2013.
More information: Kalev Kudu 55 696 846

In VAT Theatre: January 31 at 18.00

Tickets: 8€/6€ available in Piletilevi and an hour prior the performance on site.

Please note: the performance includes smoking and rude language. Not suitable for audiences under 14 years!